Here comes trouble

From left to right:
 Suzanne Synborski
 Loise King, Feminist/Writer
 Gloria Stienam, Feminist/Writer
 Jacque Michot Ceballos, Feminist/Uranian Astrologer
 Betty Michot, Feminist
 Bonnie Le Blanc, Feminist/Entrepreneur
 Bede  Urich, Feminist


Suzanne Synborski is a freelance writer with experience in public and private sector communications, marketing, public relations, script writing, video editing, and web content & design. Her professional writing career began with a position as director of three departments for the American Red Cross, in Utica, NY. During her tenure, she successfully wrote grants and proposals to fund educational programs she developed and managed.

Suzanne holds a master's degree in British and American literature from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, summa cum laude, a bachelor of science degree in Business Administration/Marketing with a minor in Writing issued by Syracuse University/Utica College, summa cum laude, and an associate's degree from Mohawk Valley Community College, also summa cum laude.

She studied Photography/Darkroom and Silver Smithing at the Munson Williams Proctor Institute School of Art. On numerous occasions, beginning in her early teens, her paintings, photography, and silver jewelry were chosen for display at the institute's internationally renowned art museum. She also studied videography and digital video editing.

For over twenty years, Suzanne was deeply involved in pure-bred dogs, including work with humane organizations and the American Kennel Club. For many years, she was Show Chairman for the Central New York Kennel Club, and is an internationally-recognized breeder/exhibitor of thirty champion Yorkshire Terriers and Maltese.

While in Louisiana researching locations for a novel, Behind Lace Curtains, Suzanne fell under the spell of Cajun Country. In 1994 she relocated to Louisiana and began working as a freelance copywriter and marketing consultant. (Clients) For two years she was the feature writer for Acadiana Woman, a regional magazine that highlighted issues important to the women of Acadiana. Suzanne was one of the founding members of the Acadiana Women's Political Caucus, a branch of the National Women's Political Caucus. 

In Louisiana, Suzanne's commercial work was focused on script writing and editing for an award-winning, Louisiana video production company. Suzanne always welcomes challenging freelance projects that offer the opportunity to utilize her creativity and combined marketing, business, and writing skills.

Suzanne recently published two digital novels with Behind Lace Curtains, a supernatural tale of secular spiritual transformation, and Library Angel, a serial killer mystery with a twist. Both novels take place in Louisiana.

When not writing or teaching writing, Suzanne concentrates on her ongoing study of Uranian Astrology and continues to explore the mystery and magic of Cajun Country.