Jack and Jill, my loves, my totems. One day I found a baby owl at the base of the owl tree and waited a day or two. Mom never came for him, so I brought the poor starving thing in to raise. The next day, surprise, another baby at the base of the same tree. I then had two Great Horned Owl babies to raise. The were the sweetest, most loving pets ever. They loved watching TV and riding around on the ceiling fan blades. They giggled when tickled on the back of their necks. According to law, I taught them to fly and finally had to set them free (Against their own wishes. They would body- slam the kitchen door to get back in.) My guardian angels, when I would walk the yard at night, they would hoot and fly silently over me so I would be sure they had not forgotten their mom.  

Covy Tucker Hill's Lil' Tosca

Bitch in charge.

The most loyal, devoted, comical, security system ever created.

Dexter and B.F.I.