When Gina, a former prostitute and drug addict from Chicago, crosses paths with Zachary, a Louisiana Satanist posing as a defrocked priest, sparks fly.  Each has something that the other requires in order to prevail.  What could possibly go wrong?

* * *

Kaitlyn suffered an abusive childhood.  Her nightmare family life drove her to become one with the Chicago night world of prostitution and drugs, all she believed she deserved.  Visions of her father naked under his black bathrobe continued to haunt her.  Years later, she ends up in prison.  A well-respected judge, mesmerized by her beauty, frees her from jail and marries her.  However, Kaitlyn is still a prisoner, owned by another man who wears a black robe.  Unable to conceive a child, she believes she is doomed to live without the only love she might ever find.  During a suicide attempt, a drop of her blood lands on a newspaper article which promises her the pure love she longs for.  She takes on the former name of her only friend, a nun, and is reborn as Gina, apostate nun, who heads to Louisiana to fulfill her dream.  But first, she must beat the devil at his own game.